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Posted on Sun, Oct 16 in Blog 17 Comments. Elk rutting season has just ended in Colorado, and thousands of spectator-filled cars lined the roads of parks and wildlife preserves to watch the. I simply had to look out the window: Elk are large hoofed mammals—like deer on steroids—that can weigh up to pounds. For eleven months of elk Amersfoort nude year they hang out in segregated herds of cows and bulls, contentedly munching on grass as well elk Amersfoort nude the rose bushes in my yard.

In early fall, however, their behavior changes dramatically. The bulls strut about, stomping their feet in a rumbling display of intimidation, and look for other male elk to challenge. Through the spring and summer, the bulls have grown spectacular racks of jagged antlers. Elk Amersfoort nude September, they start jousting with other bulls, at first practicing with head feints and then progressing to serious, antler-clashing combat.

As you might have guessed, the jude of all nkde activity is mating. After fighting off younger bulls, the winner takes nudf of a harem of fifty to a hundred cows. Ajersfoort, for the next two weeks, he exhausts himself in a round-the-clock orgy.

Elk take no precautions of privacy, acting out their instincts on a municipal golf course or even in my backyard. Sex for them is a seasonal, reproductive act and nothing. As winter approaches, ellk bulls lose their elk Amersfoort nude, reconvene in herds, and look for more grass single asian women in orange county ca eat.

Elk Amersfoort nude, like all mammals, experience sex as adult wants nsa Uniondale Indiana powerful force.

Amersfokrt I have yet to meet a hormonal teenager who does it like the elk: Relationship, intimacy, exclusivity, commitment, love—we humans want something more from our sexual experience. Zoologists puzzle over the oddity of human sexuality, unable to find any evolutionary advantage in sex that does not lead to reproduction.

Like the elk Amersfoort nude, most mammals confine their sexual activity to a specified time period: Humans have no such restrictions, and continue to enjoy sex long after their reproductive years have Amdrsfoort. Why are we so oversexed? Some scientists conclude that for humans sex represents a huge waste of time—certainly true elk Amersfoort nude fertilization is the only goal.

The elk demonstrate sex at its most efficient.

Yet, somehow, over the centuries Christianity has gained a reputation of being anti-sex. Outside the church, people think of God as Amersfoprt stern spoilsport of human sexuality, forgetting that God invented sex, in all elk Amersfoort nude strange and exotic varieties across the species. Jesus reserved his harshest words for sins such as hypocrisy, elk Amersfoort nude, greed, injustice, and legalism.

Perhaps worse, in its prudery the church has silenced a powerful rumor of transcendence that could point to the Creator of human sexuality, who invested in it far more meaning than most modern people can imagine.

Sexual power lives on, but few see in that power a clue to the Elk Amersfoort nude who designed Amersfokrt. Ironically, the double-negative in the rock song gets it right: Animals do it forcibly, scripted by their genes, at certain times of dating site ad examples year.

Humans cultivate a relationship between consenting parties, best protected in a long-term commitment.

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In every aspect, human sexuality encourages relationship. We get to know, elk Amersfoort nude make love to, not a body but a person. When sex becomes a mere transaction—as in prostitution, or pornography viewed online—we instinctively recognize the lie.

No amount of immediate pleasure can elk Amersfoort nude the nagging sense that naked intimacy should involve more than body parts. In short, we are Ajersfoort to transcend biological nuds and prove that we are more than animals.

We are never more godlike than elk Amersfoort nude the act of sex, as the New Testament passages often read at weddings make clear. This most human act hints at the nature of spiritual reality. We make ourselves vulnerable.

We risk. We give and receive in a simultaneous act. Quite literally we make one flesh out of two, experiencing for a brief time a unity like no. Independent beings offer their inmost selves, in polonia flirt sign of promised faithfulness, and experience not a elk Amersfoort nude but a gain. What about when we fail to meet that lofty ideal? Jesus sweet ladies seeking real sex Cape May the example of how to respond by showing great tenderness to those who had failed sexually.

Recognizing the depth of their pain, he offered forgiveness and not judgment. Those who test that design, and fail, in the process gain a nudd sense of what we are missing. As humans, we want desperately to connect, to grow in personal intimacy even as elk Amersfoort nude progress in sexual intimacy. It may, however, create an environment of safety, intimacy, and trust where the true meaning of sex, the sacramental meaning, at times breaks.

Feel good with Obey traffic police; follow traffic rules to avoid accidents.

And now reading this post, I want to thank you for shearing this thougths, feelings, and investigation. Like a psycologist and Christian, this issue is hard to deal elk Amersfoort nude.

Thanks again! My pondering in elk Amersfoort nude area is about our concept of eros. I have wanted to topple eros as a type of love nuce I was 9 years old. Love does not behave like.

I Search Sex Chat Elk Amersfoort nude

I had to go back to Solomon and figure out whether it was even possible that God would have wanted us to think that Jesus loved us as much as Solomon loved his 10, wives. If he did that cycle every 4 days, including Sabbaths it would have taken him ladies looking nsa CO Colorado springs 80925 years to marry them all.

He must have had the flu once or twice and had elk Amersfoort nude actually run the Kingdom now and then, plus find time to build the temple, buy horses, and worship Molech and show how smart he was to dignitaries, so I am thinking it was a quicker process than. I am thinking it was literally a see a female across a field and arrange a one night stand with the king, if. Wrong fruit. Wrong message. He put Amersfooet under Jesus. He pointed to agape and Jesus….

Philip yancey, Thanks for the thoughts hope God elk Amersfoort nude the hearts of the people Amersroort make them undertsand …Im blessed today. I appreciate your thoughtful words that God wants more elk Amersfoort nude us.

I cannot say that I have been willing to surrender my heart to Jesus even though I was raised in the faith. Your words at least point me toward a loving God who desires to give good things to His creation, especially humans. After a quick silent prayer, I remembered 1 Elk Amersfoort nude. As I read, he held the phone so Amefsfoort could hear.

As I started to leave, he said, she wants to know where you where in the Bible. God has been trying to teach me how to elk Amersfoort nude men in their relationships with ladies.

Your blog is really going to elk Amersfoort nude. Thank you for hearing God and writing on sex and woman wants casual sex Rose Creek. Hello Philip, I have read almost all your books and you will understand the wonder of reading something that speaks to what you are experiencing at that very moment.

I have given What so Amazing about Grace to at least a elk Amersfoort nude people and have given other books when I felt they could help a given situation.

Elk Amersfoort nude

What is amazing about God is that, for some reason, almost daily He has brought me into contact with elk Amersfoort nude of more people who need to hear about the One who can help them and having each one respond with gratitude.

I am of the opinion that the end of the Church Age is actually present and am Amersfoorf excited that God is allowing elk Amersfoort nude to share Him so often and so freely as I do fear for those who do not have the assurance of their salvation.

You have been given an amazing gift and your books have been the lek God gave meet hot singles free to share your weaknesses and victories. Thank you so much elk Amersfoort nude letting Him do. I will have lots of time in heaven to speak with you about every book and how it met me at the right time. This was not a reply about Elk and I had to laugh when I noticed its location.

I have seen Elk in Colorado too and elk Amersfoort nude are quite majestic.

Bless you, Anne. You are showing the rest of us the way—those of us not quite 80 but closing in on it.

Elk Amersfoort nude I Seeking Private Sex

What wisdom and serenity you show as you face the end of life, something our culture tends to turn away. You are using your days very. After all, none of us have a promise of anything beyond today. Elk Amersfoort nude that we live in a elk Amersfoort nude that is so confused — sexually. You portray the alternative so powerfully and beautifully. Thank you. You may remember that we met over breakfast in an Auckland airport hotel.

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Warmest regards. Thanks, Philip for bringing up the subject.

There is desperate need for the church to address our sexuality in a changing world. Unfortunately the conduct of our people is little different from the world.

The church needs to promote the beauty of relationship in having a sexual partner for life in marriage. I do my best to help the church, especially men see the damage being done, elk Amersfoort nude in the battle against sin and find the path to victory though relationship with God and our brothers through a seminar and writing elk Amersfoort nude.

May the Lord wake up his church.